Summer Program

June 9 - September 3, 2021

Advocates for Healthy Transitional Living, LLC provides programming in the summer months for youth. Clients are typically referred to the program through their county, however, direct client referrals are also welcome. The Summer Program carries out the structure of regular programming and adds fun summer activities, including: regular field trips, outdoor independent living activities and social skills building, as well as other positive activities designed to help youth continue to build life skills and be successful through the summer months. Click here for a downloadable flyer.

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Thirteen themed weeks filled with skills building and individualized treatment, social emotional learning and academics - all offered through fun activities in a supportive environment.
Summer Program offers a mid-week incentive activity on Winning Wednesdays, where kids choose to participate in competition style activities.
Additionally, kids participate in social impact through Cause Club, where kids examine different social issues and ways individuals and different non-profits support those causes.
Youth activities center around art, movement, music, community based outings, social impact activities, career services and independent living skills building.
All of Advocates services include a family enrichment component that compliments the family unit.
Every day contains each of the 8 Ingredients that make an Advocates Day!
Weekly Themes & Activities

13 Weekly Themes

June 7 – September 3

Social Impact: Youth participate in learning about community and world issues and how non-profits and individuals impact causes connected to those issues. This week lays the foundation for weekly social impact activities and connecting youth to issues that matter to them. (June 7-11)

Service Week: There are 24-hours in every day! What are we doing with them? First things first – we will cover basic needs and how to get them met. Check! Then goal setting and planning to set myself up for success in the short term and long term. Double check! Then we are giving back to help our community be stronger. We are better together! (June 14-18)

Luau: Youth step back and celebrate the beauty and calm that exists in our world – in nature, through arts and music, by helping others and more! (June 21-25)

Fourth of July: Get ready for Independence Day! Youth participate in all things that make America home, and begin to tackle some of the real issues that Americans are struggling with. Americana and current events take a front seat this week! (June 28-July 2)

Gardening: Advocates Garden gets some TLC and youth get the opportunity to try out their green thumbs. Caring for plants is a lot like caring for people – get to know the basics this week. (July 5-9)

Survivor: Activities focus on building resilience, emotional strength and understanding, empathy, and all the behaviors attached to our emotions. We use those skills to do hard things in life. Youth learn about “survivor” skills that they will use during monthly incentive activities, as well as throughout life. (July 12-16)

Olympics: Were going waaay back in history to get to know some interesting characters this week and how we relate to them still today. Learning about why challenging ourselves is good and how to cope with all the stuff that goes along with pushing ourselves to do hard things. We are motivated! (July 19-23)

Christmas In July (Random Acts of Kindness): need we say more? The feel good week of the summer, filled with creative ways to surprise peers, family members or any ol’ grinch we come across. Paying it forward one act at a time. (July 26-30)

Passport Around The World (Culture Week): This week youth get to know about cultures. What are they? How are cultures different and alike? Why is it important to understand differences? We’re cruising around the world to check out where some local traditions started and some surprising things about the cultures within our communities. (August 2-6)

Under the Sea (Ocean Themed): We’re taking a look at why Earth is called the “blue” planet this week – all that water! Little bit of science, little bit of fun, little bit about how things may not always be how they appear on the surface. Get your goggles for a closer look this week! (August 9-13)

Carnival!: Celebrating a successful summer and launching into fall with Carnival Week! Carnival is not only a celebration of what’s happened, but an opportunity to look forward and find positives! We know life isn’t always fun and glittering lights but there is always SOMETHING amazing after the celebration has ended. This week we are talking perspective and examining highs and lows and what to do with them. (August 16-20)

Earth Week: Understanding how our planet works is BIG – just like understanding BIG topics like trauma, self-care, and emotions. This week we take time to care for our planet and ourselves. (August 23-27)

Out of This World (Outer Space): We can’t end the summer without a week of acknowledging the amazing people who surround us! This week we will appreciate new and existing relationships and look ahead to understanding what healthy friendships look like going forward. There is nothing on Earth like having a person you can depend on. (August 30-September 3)

Summer Program is referral based care for youth who struggle with behavioral or mental health related issues. Specific details of skill-building and treatment components are available, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!


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